LWC Member Spotlight: Renee Charette


Occupation: Accountant/Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant

How long you have you been an LWC member? I believe I’ve been a member for about 7 years now. What activities have you been involved with as a member? I hold the position of Sunshine chairwoman. I’ve chaired Adopt-A-Highway and the American Red Cross blood drive. I coordinate with the local Girl Scouts to recruit a troop as ‘our troop’ to assist with the running of the games at the community breakfasts (Santa’s Workshop and Easter Bunny Breakfast). In addition, this past year I worked with Mrs. Potter, the advisor of the National Honor Society at Campbell High School to get some volunteer helpers for the breakfast. I screened applicants for our scholarships. I’ve worked at the breakfasts, baked for our events, and shopped at J.C. Penney for clothing to be donated for those in need.

What do you look forward to each year and why? I look forward to working with our fellow club members (my friends) and helping in our community in any capacity that I am able. It leaves me with a good feeling….and the June dinner is a blast! Lots of fun, good food and laughs 🙂

Name a guilty pleasure you love. Guilty pleasure….hmmm….I love sweets…and chocolate, but I try to stay away because it defeats my time at the gym.

You have a full day just for you – what would you do? A full day just for me would be spent at the spa. A day for pampering…that will never happen though 🙂 .


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